Week 1


This week's homework, we learned how to set up and configure Oculus and required to watch Google Earth VR, Showdown, Henry, and Dear Angelica.

Google Earth VR

I have seen many great reviews about this Google Earth VR. I tried to find my home in Korea. I realized that my hometown changed a lot. However, my apartment still exist and my elementary school. I also tried other famous cities in Europe such as Paris, I was an amazing experience. I explored other remote places, Easter Island and it really depicted a good scenery.

This will be used in a good application where some people doesn't have a freedom to travel the world or planning for your next trip, I think google earth VR is a good start.

VR Showdown

I felt like being in a Mission Impossible or Taken movies and I was really scared and experienced by the explosion. The visual effect is great and the sound effect makes the video more vivid. In my personal opinion, my eyes were getting easily tired and motion sickness.


It was really awesome and cute short film by Oculus. I tried to interact with the character but I was already in the air to see if there is any interaction between me and Henry. There is not. I was so close to the cute poor hedgehog, but I could not tell him that I want to be his friend and give him a big hug.

Dear Angelica

I think this short film is a beautiful and emotional story. Both Henry and Dear Angelica are narrative VR story. Beautiful short experience. Everything works well, the art style, the acting and voices.

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