Week 5

Assignments: Continue building your worlds for midterms. Create a character (or characters) based on your moodboards. Have them trigger events. Begin to animate characters and objects in Sequencer.

Make documentation. Add some character animation tracks at some key areas and get a screenshot / screen capture. Does this work have a title?Who are you in this experience? Refer to The Four Different Types of Stories in VR. Explain why your experience fits in that category.

Storyline update:

I have focused on building a log cabin (without a roof, not sure how big my character are going to be). I also mentioned that there will be log cabin and outside scenes. This week, I focused on designing the house.

This will be mainly two characters: Jasper, a little boy that wondering around the outside world and log cabin scenes. I am planning to make a story/game to chasing from monster and your goal is to make it to the log cabin..

Character Creation


This story will be using WASD control to move around the world with VR headset experience. I am still debating if I am going to add a weapon to trigger some actions (most likely, I am going to try during my final project).

I am going to expand my map so it will be more based on running away from the monster story.


Steven Yoo

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