Blog Post: Next week’s class (11/1) will focus on workshopping your Phase 2 work (due 11/8), so please contact your chosen community partner and start preparing your Phase 2 paper–then post as much as you can!

This Tuesday (10/30), Zhenwen and I discussed about our roles for the MIT CREATE project. We have received a data and visualization ideas.

Our data roughly have four parts:

1. Storage 2. Container Market 3. Lime & Impepho Market: 4. Mealie Market Summary Regarding these four parts of data, Kate gave us different goals and requirements. 1. Storage 1.1 - Tell a story about how much movement there is between vendors and storage sites. 1.2 – Tell a story about how small sites can be important pieces of real estate in the city that are often overlooked. 2. Container Market 2.1 – Tell the story of a day in the life of a vendor – what time of day, what do they invest into for their business, etc. 3. Lime & Impepho Market: 3.1 – Tell the story of a day of the life of a vendor. 3.2 – Tell the story of a vendors’ investment into their real estate. 4. Mealie Market Summary 4.1 – This is all the outgoing traffic from the Mealie market to show how much activity there is throughout different times of the morning. Previous Work

The Next Phase

In the next phase, Zhenwen and I will make a working schedule. Firstly, we will work together to clean the data. We will classify the data and extract the effective information. Also, in order to protect the privacy, we will try to find a way to “translate” the privacy information. Since Kate and we are from different places, we are hoping to have a bi-weekly Skype/Google Hangout meeting with Kate starting next Friday.



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