Week 6 & 7! - Reflection on ProPublica and NYU Data Services


Reflection on ProPublica visit. ProPublica, as a non-profit journalism organization, does a lot of work in the community interest. As you start to work with you community partner and think about your Phase 2 paper, what are some lessons learned from the ProPublica visit that might help you going forward?

I have learned that the effective communication needed for collaboration. For instance, in my community partner with MIT CREATE, we are physically far apart. Good communication via email, weekly/bi-weekly meeting with Kate will increase productivity and relationship. I was asked to bring what type of project/question I'd like to explore (and detail how indicating the specific steps)?

Understanding the characteristic of data and solutions that enhance urban development for informal and non-standard economies towards smarter, more equitable urban development.

For this community partner project, my goal is to design and create seamless data visualization representation of urban economies and associated organizations.

Reflection on NYU Data Services visit. Now that you’ve completed your Phase 1 project and received feedback, please reflect on the services and information shared at the NYU Data Services visit today. What aspects of this visit might help you as you start to think about your final visualization?

I think visiting NYU Data Services was a great idea. I was keen to trying out other software platforms like Tableau and Unity. Having that concrete understand of both pros and cons. I will be able to help visualize and plan what option would be the most viable choice at my final visualization project.

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